Dryer Vent Maintenance In Potomac MD

Benefits Of Dryer Vent Regularly

By maintaining your dryer vent regularly, you will protect your home and prevent potentially dangerous situations. If you haven’t already explored the benefits of having your dryer vent inspected on a regular basis, you’ll definitely want to read more here.

Lint is flammable and if it accumulates in your dryer vent pipe, which runs through an external wall of your house, it can build up there until it catches fire. While lint might seem harmless enough on its own, this buildup can be incredibly dangerous because you may not notice that there’s any problem for weeks or even months at a time. During that time period, tiny carbon monoxide particles could escape into your living area by way of the chimney or vents connected to it and you could fall ill or even die.

Maintaining your dryer vent will protect both you and your family members from carbon monoxide poisoning and/or fire damage, especially if installed improperly (which isn’t too hard to do). Even poor installation deals a significant blow to effectiveness.

 Cleaning Your Dryer Vent

Many people have a hard time understanding why they should have their air dryer vents cleaned. After all, who wants to clean out something that is used only once every week or two?

It seems to be a waste of time and energy.

However, there are several reasons why you should have your vents cleaned on a regular basis by a certified professional:

It Saves Money

Cleaning out the vents means that all that dust and lint won’t just go into the air as you dry your clothes. In addition, less dust, dirt and lint in the vents means that you use less electricity each month for drying clothes.

Cleaner Air Quality

Since letting all of that lint build-up can damage both the vent pipe and dryer fans over time – it’s important to make sure they’re cleaned out on a regular basis. Cleaner vents can also reduce the risk of fires that are caused by lint buildup in the ductwork.

Hiring A Good Dryer Vent Cleaning Professional

Before you choose a dryer vent cleaning professional, it is important to understand that your clothes dryer exhaust system needs regular care and maintenance just like your home’s furnace or air conditioning unit. It is vital to maintain the health of your dryer since it can be more efficient for you to use, lower your energy bills, have less chance of breaking down abrasion with clogged vents rendering it dangerous. Thus, even though these are not often thought about at some point in time they must be addressed more regularly by homeowners or building managers.