Great Falls Tavern Visitor Center in Potomac MD

Great Falls Tavern Visitor Center is located in Potomac, Maryland. In the center of the beautiful Great Falls National Park, this historical building is a great place to visit. Here you can learn about all that once happened at the Great Falls of the Potomac River from those early settlers through those who use to work here.

In addition to being a visitor’s center for the park, it also sits on top of some history itself! It was built by William Smoot in 1831 and later bought by Joseph Strauss (inventor of the famous bridge) in 1889 where he started making his own additions over several years until 1912 when he finished it up. Today, you can still see many of these original details inside while looking around.

Many activities are held at the visitor center, including historical talks and presentations or educational programs. You can even go on a hike to Mary’s Rock with their park rangers! While you are there, be sure to check out the beautiful views that surround Great Falls Tavern Visitor Center in Potomac MD!